BJ’s Bookshelf, Episode 7

BJ's Bookshelf


  • Dane by K Webster
    • Taboo treat! M/M age gap and office romance. Super sexy and all the feels. Dane is a high-powered attorney waiting for his divorce to be finalized. A man half his age picks him up at the bar during the office Christmas party. Sexy times occur, and Dane finds out his weekend hookup is also his new employee! There’s also a subplot centering around some foster kids in need of a safe, happy home. It’s super sweet the way Dane and Nick go all in for the kids.
      • Stand alone
      • No cheating/triangles
      • HEA


  • Man Hands by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby
    • One of the funniest rom-coms I have EVER read. I literally LOLed. Brynn, freshly divorced, lets her two best friends drag her to a swanky party where she decides to let loose and maul the gardener in an attempt to get ‘back in the saddle.’ Only the gardener isn’t really a gardener at all. He’s Tom Spanner, the wealthy owner of the estate and a home improvement celebrity. Witty banter and juvenile dick jokes ensue. Oh, and their hot monkey sex in the boathouse leads to a fake engagement.
      • Stand alone, first book in the series.
      • No cheating/triangles
      • HEA


  • Styx by Layla Frost
    • Paranormal romance. Go in blind. I cannot tell you anything about this book that would even hint at anything spoiler-y because you NEED to just read it. Honestly, this book blew me away! There are lots of twists and turns and surprises. It’s like the book version of The Sixth Sense- when you get to the end, you’ll wonder why you didn’t see all the clues sooner. The heroine is quirky and inappropriately hilarious as well as vulnerable. The hero mysterious.
      • Stand alone romance, but the sub plot will carry over into the next three books. First book in a the series.
      • No cheating/triangles
      • HFN


  • Bountiful by Sarina Bowen
    • This book is Zara and Dave’s story, and it’s my favorite in the series so far. Zara is a bartender who has a series of hookups with hot hockey player, Dave. When Dave leaves Vermont at the end of his vacation to return to Brooklyn, he leaves behind his watch….and a bun in the oven. Zara never got Dave’s last name, so when she tries to track him down, she fails and resigns herself to being a single mom. Until two years later when Dave returns looking for the girl he can’t stop thinking about. Zara and Dave both had less-than-stellar upbringings- Zara has daddy abandonment issues, and Dave’s parents were deadbeats. They both struggle with their familial baggage as they learn to trust one another and decide that the family they have is the one they want/need.
      • Stand alone, book 4 in the Truth North series
      • No cheating/triangle
      • HEA


  • The Horror of Our Love: A Twisted Tales Anthology by Nikita Slater, DD Prince, B. Bennett, Jasmin Quinn, and N. Heinz
    • 5 stories by 5 authors. This creepy collection is comprised of 5 twisted tales just in time for Halloween. They are all based on classic horror stories (werewolf, headless horseman, invisible man, etc.), but each one with a modern interpretation/twist. If you like a whole lot of terrifying with your ‘romance,’ this anthology is for you!
      • Each story features a different couple
      • No cheating/triangles
      • Some may have HEA or HFN, some may be open to interpretation. They’re horror stories, after all!


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