About BJ

Amazon Best Selling Author BJ Bentley
I’ve been reading romance novels since I was a kid. It’s all my mom’s fault really. She used to get a Harlequin Romance subscription box each month. If you’re not familiar, each box had 4 to 6 romance novels and often an offer for a free or discounted gift of some sort. My mom and I would read all the books in each box and then take them to the Salvation Army to donate them. Then, we’d go inside Salvation Army and buy more. We enabled each other’s addiction, really.
I’ve read just about every sub-genre and theme of romance that’s out there. Romantic comedy, sports romance, paranormal romance, dark romance, BDSM, erotica, secret baby daddy, historical, Billionaire CEO, motorcycle club, and the list goes on and on because there are so many paths a story can take.

I read tons and tons of Harlequin novels during my tween and teen years, but I can’t say that any of them actually stuck with me. They were generally no more than 200 pages, oftentimes shorter, and many of them were fluff. The first author I remember really having an impact on me was when I started reading Jude Devereaux. She writes both historical and contemporary romances, and I’ve never read one that I didn’t like. I remember that she really set the bar for what a man should be (to me) when I was at the age when boys were all jerks, and I desperately wanted to believe that fairy tales were real. (Fun fact: they are.) As much as I loved Jude’s books, Remembrance is the one that hit me the hardest. It’s about a woman who relives all of her past lives with her soul mate, and how they find each other over and over again through time even though they keep finding themselves facing obstacles and overcoming odds.

These days, no one tops Kristen Ashley. I have read all of her books, most of them several times. She didn’t just set the bar, she is the bar. I compare every new book I read to her work, which, admittedly, isn’t really fair to other authors, but I’d rather read the same book of hers 100 times than a book that doesn’t really compare even once. I found KA by pure luck (fate.) I was using the Overdrive app, (If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s an app libraries are using to allow patrons to borrow ebooks. It’s amazing.) and I was in the middle of reading Shelly Laurenston’s Pride series. The next book in the series was unavailable, so I had to place a hold on it and look for something else to read to pass the time. I came across Ride Steady, and I’ll admit, I picked it based on the cover, which had a hot biker (it’s part of her Chaos MC series, which I did not realize at the time.) I read the book, and I LOVED it. So, I went back to the app to see what other books she had available. There were tons. I binge read whatever of hers I could get my hands on. Some of them I borrowed through the Overdrive app, and the rest I purchased through my Nook app. Diehard fan for life. Or, Rock Chick, which is what we are known as (named so for her Rock Chick series.) Never ask me to pick a favorite book by her, I’ll never be able to do it.

Other favorites include (but not limited to): Jessica Gadziala, Jodi Ellen Malpas, JR Ward, Shelly Laurenston (who also writes under GA Aiken), Anne Malcom, Brynne Asher, and DD Prince.

So, I’ve loved love stories for a very long time, and I’ve finally decided to try my hand at writing my own. Whether they’re good or bad or mediocre really isn’t the point. So far, I’m having fun doing it. I’m still just a girl with dreams of fairy tales coming true.
If you read my stories, I sincerely hope that you enjoy them. If the romance genre is not for you, that’s okay too. If the romance genre is not for you, but you’re still buying my books because you’re a good friend like that, I’ll bake you some cookies or something. Or maybe I’ll name a character after you. Wouldn’t that be fun?
When I’m not writing, I am working as a psychic medium, spiritual life coach, and teacher. For readings and classes, please see Psychic Medium Brandy Bentley.