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A stand-alone romantic comedy in a brand new series!

RELEASE DATE: February 15, 2020.


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The freedom was exhilarating. 

After a devastating loss and years of smothering from my overprotective parents, the open road called to me, and I answered.

I was shedding the old me for someone brand new. 

It was just me and my RV, Suzie Q, bouncing from town to town, peddling my wares at whatever fair, carnival, or festival we happened to come upon. 

But the boy with the warm brown eyes and sweet voice had me thinking that maybe freedom wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. 

But though my feet still tried to carry me away,  my vagabond heart refused to let him go.


The freedom was maddening. 

Years on the open road left me feeling restless and edgy.

As the top-selling singer-songwriter in the country,  I was obligated to fulfill my contract and give the fans what they wanted.

Even if I had to lose a piece of myself in the process.

I missed my family. I missed my home.

I missed the ties that kept me grounded.

But the girl with the purple hair and tattoos had me thinking that maybe home was less about four walls and more about the connections we make.

But if she was determined to run, then I was just as determined to chase her.

And I was coming at her full tilt.

**Tilt is the third book in the Love, Unexpected series, a multi-author collaboration including books by Jessica Ames, Anna Nicole, MJ Post, and Dr. Rebecca Sharp.