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Chasing Forever

The fourth book in the Medicine Wheel series. A small town, friends-to-lovers, workplace romance.

chasing forever

Welcome to the small town of Medicine Wheel, Montana.


Fiona Fletcher loved two things: horses and Carter Mason.

But being in love with her friend and co-worker wasn’t easy when he insisted on keeping her at arm’s length. 

Carter Mason wore his guilt like a millstone around his neck.

But being around the beautiful Fiona seemed to ease his burden, even when he was determined to carry it all on his own. 

A road trip to procure a new mare for the ranch sets them on a course that opens a door, and Fiona and Carter find themselves in a situation that leaves no room for secrets and nowhere to hide.

Now, nothing lies between them, and the only thing ahead of them is the open road on their way to chasing forever. 

But the path isn’t as clear as it seems when Fiona’s family rolls into town…



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