Building Dreams

Book 3 in the Medicine Wheel series



Welcome to the small town of Medicine Wheel, Montana.

She only wanted to let go.

Sadie Davenport’s one true love was sugar and spice. 

Years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice earned her the recognition she craved.

But when her beloved grandmother needed her to come home, Sadie made a choice to honor family over fortune. 

Closing up shop and moving to the small town of Medicine Wheel became easier as the right ingredients fell into place: more time with her family’s matriarch and the perfect location for her new bakery.

Running into Liam, a former one night stand, wasn’t part of the recipe, but it certainly sweetened the deal.

He only wanted to give in.

Liam Larsen had his family, his friends, and his failing lumber yard- and no room for anything else.

Until the woman he’d tried so hard to forget breezes into town and becomes impossible to avoid. 

Sadie was the type of woman who deserved everything good that the world had to offer. 

But Liam was in no position to give it to her.

Could two people, who seemed to have nothing in common, lay the foundation for their wildest dreams? Or would those dreams crumble before the first brick was laid?