Social media exploded yesterday with #cockygate. I won’t get into the specifics here other than to say, in case you haven’t heard, that an individual romance author has apparently trademarked the word “cocky,” and has been sending cease and desist letters to other romance authors, demanding that they change their book titles if said titles happen to include the word “cocky.” There are some pretty far-reaching implications to this action and some other legal mumbo-jumbo that I can’t even begin to explain.

It started a Twitter riot. Then it spread to Facebook, and it continues to spread like wildfire across social media. The RWA has gotten involved. IP lawyers are offering pro bono consultations for the authors who are being directly impacted. It’s craziness.

I have SO MANY thoughts on this as an author, as a romance reader, AND as a spiritualist who makes her living reading other people’s energy signatures. (Yes, I can feel it when you’re lying.) Unfortunately, I hesitate to express many of those things because it could be considered libel.

Infer from that what you will.


Instead, here are some general statements I’d like to make:

  • Manipulative narcissists make great cult leaders. Where a manipulative narcissist exists, there are always those who can be manipulated into feeding that ego.
  • Manipulators are great spin doctors. I mean, one COULD say that someone like that might rebrand themselves as the black sheep of their industry in order to capitalize on all the press they’re receiving. (That’s my official prediction, for the record.)
  • There’s a fine line between standing up for what’s right and feeding into the drama. We’ve all had our fun with our witty hashtags and cracking jokes about changing the titles of our work. (Myself included!) But it’s also important to remember that energy flows where your attention goes. So, speak your mind, have your fun, but remember that if you’re not adding anything positive to the conversation, then you aren’t really helping it, either.

everything is energy

  • The romance community is a fucking FIERCE collection of women and men who have each other’s backs. Even if you’re a member of that community, if you or your actions threaten that community’s livelihood or honor, the collective will not hesitate to correct you. Being a member of that community is a Goddamn PRIVILEGE. Don’t ever forget that.

So, to end on a positive, uplifting note, here are some affirmations. May you live them.


Love and positive vibes,


2 thoughts on “#CockyGate

  1. authorkarenrenee says:

    You can feel it when someone’s lying!!! That’s amazing, and it definitely gives you an unfair advantage if your own children lie to you…which is to say, I’m a wee bit jealous! Though, with anyone under ten, it’s normally fairly obvious when lying is happening. Love the graphic…Vibes are stronger than words.

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    • brandybentley says:

      Yes, my “day job” is that of psychic medium and spiritual life coach. It’s my business to pick up on those sorts of things. Now, I don’t have kids, so I can’t use it that way, but I do know when someone is being authentic vs. not. I was already somewhat familiar with the author in question prior to this whole nonsense. So, this is just one more mark against her in my book, because I already knew what kind of person she is.

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