Stand alones

May the Best Man Win ebook coverMay the Best Man Win (romantic comedy with lots of steam)

When love is war, you have to fight dirty. 


He was aggravatingly arrogant, obnoxiously flirtatious, and infuriatingly tenacious. All in all, there wasn’t a single thing I liked about Damon Hatch. 

Except, of course, for his compassionate soul, his tenderness toward his daughter, and his kisses that turned me to putty. 

I was a wild child turned responsible adult.  I had no room in my life for devilish good looks and wicked charm.

Unfortunately, my sister’s wedding put me directly in Damon’s line of panty-melting fire.

I was a good girl. And Damon had naughty written all over him.


She was impossibly beautiful, endearingly witty, and sincerely sweet. All in all, there wasn’t a single thing I didn’t like about Sophie James.

Except, of course, for her repeated attempts to avoid me.

I was a wealthy, single father blazing my own path in the world. And, I was looking for a woman who was more than just surface.

My best friend’s wedding gave me the perfect opportunity to set my plan in motion.

Sophie was the perfect girl. And I was going to teach her that I wasn’t just a bad boy.