Intuitive Series

**The Intuitive series is no longer available for sale.**

Each story is being revamped and will be made available in the future. Stay tuned!

The Intuitive series

The Intuitive series is a collection of romantic comedy novellas/short stories centering around three friends who fall for three brothers.

Book 1: Handcuffs and Coffee: A Psychic’s Guide to Dating (Amazon Best Seller!)

Sabrina Rhodes is a small town psychic with a knack for choosing the wrong men. You’d think being psychic would give Sabrina a leg up in the dating game, but that’s just not her luck.

After one particularly bad date, Sabrina’s crush, Sheriff Drake Hayes, comes to her rescue. So, when Sabrina’s not talking to ghosts in her kitchen or playing peasant to her feline overlords, Petal and Duchess, can she finally find ‘the one’ in Drake Hayes?

Book 2: Masonry and Margaritas: An Artist’s Guide to Dating


I’m an art teacher in need of a second job. I find exactly what I need, but don’t want, working part time for Stonewall Construction. This job is going to be dull, but it’s going to pay for the art supplies I need in order to showcase my talent. I just need to keep it long enough.


I’ve got a reputation for being a serial dater and a flirt. That’s okay; I know who I am. Being one half of the team that owns Stonewall Construction keeps me out of (most) trouble. Until that pixie-faced firecracker blows into my world.

These two develop a rivalry that tests their sanity. Constantly trying to one-up each other, they’ve declared war. But office pranks soon turn to stolen kisses.

Book 3: Temptation and Tea: An Empath’s Guide to Dating

Mia Potter is an introverted bookworm who harbors sexy fantasies starring her dream man, Mitch Hayes. Unfortunately, they’re just friends. What Mia doesn’t know is that Mitch has always wanted more.

He’s just been biding his time. And things are about to change.

This rom-com short story is the conclusion to the Intuitive series and includes a bonus epilogue!