2018 Year in Review

This time last year I decided that I needed to take a look back and appreciate all that I’d accomplished and been blessed with before moving forward. It’s so easy to remember the bad shit that happens and let the good stuff get overshadowed.

So, all through 2018, I kept a memory jar. You’ve probably seen them on Pinterest, usually consisting of an oversized mason jar decorated with a pretty label and ribbon. Mine is actually a repurposed plastic peanut butter jar. What can I say? I like to recycle.

Anyway, here’s a list of all the good things I experienced in 2018!

Book World Blessings:

  • January- Self-published my first novella, Handcuffs & Coffee: A Psychic’s Guide to Dating
  • February- Made my first (and forever) book world friends. Fellow authors Paula Trotter and Rebecca Sharp
  • February- Published my second novella, Masonry & Margaritas: An Artist’s Guide to Dating
  • February- Handcuffs & Coffee hit the top 100 in its category (Romantic Shorts)
  • March- Published my third novella in the Intuitive series, Temptation & Tea: An Empath’s Guide to Dating
  • March- Received my first royalty payment from Amazon! (I was damn proud to earn that whopping 75 cents!)
  • April- Published Finders Keepers, the first book in the Syndicate series
  • April- Finders Keepers hit the top 100 in both of its categories (Romantic Erotica and I totally forget what other category it’s in.)
  • April- Made another book world friend, Danica Dawn. (I’ve made lots of book world friends this past year, and there’s no way I could list them all, though I appreciate every single one of them. But, Paula, Rebecca, and Danica are my support system in all things writing and publishing, just as I am theirs.)
  • June- Published Sleight of Hand, book 2 in the Syndicate series
  • June- Sleight of Hand reviews blew me away. I had some serious doubts about how well this book would be received, but in the end, the reception was exceedingly positive.
  • July- Published Kocke Chronicles with Danica Dawn, Paula Trotter, and Rebecca Sharp
  • August- Published The Long Game, book 3 in the Syndicate series
  • September- Attended Books by the Bridge in NYC as a reader, though I got to meet some of my fellow author and blogger friends in person
  • October- Published Coming Home, book 1 in the Medicine Wheel series
  • November- Wrote Naughty & Nice, a free holiday novella, for my readers. I didn’t publish it for sale, but I gave away a metric shit ton of copies.
  • I also read a ton this year. I discovered authors whose stories have stuck with me and will likely continue to do so.


Non-Book World Blessings:

  •  December- I was interviewed by one of the local papers for a profile piece specifically focusing on my spiritual business.


2018 was my first year in publishing, and it’s been a whirlwind. I didn’t realize when I started just how all-consuming it is to be an indie author. I do EVERYTHING myself, with the exception of my more recent book covers. Looking back at all my accomplishments this year has made me realize that I need to have more non-book world related experiences. I’m an avid hiker and kayaker, and I did little to none of those two things this past year. Writing has consumed me, and I barely stepped foot outside of my house.

I’m going to keep a memory jar for 2019, but I’m also going into 2019 with specific goals in mind. And that’s another blog post.


xo Brandy


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