BJ’s Bookshelf, Episode 4

BJ's Bookshelf

Another week, another set of recommendations! I have so many books on my Kindle and TBR right now that I’m dying to read, but I’m also trying really hard to make my word count goals on a daily basis. Unfortunately, one of those things has to suffer a bit, and it’s the reading. BUT! That doesn’t mean I’ve been neglecting my Kindle entirely. So, without further ado…

  • Renegade Souls MC series by V. Theia
    • So far, I’ve read Dirty Salvation and Preacher Man (books 1 and 2). Both feature dirty-talkin’ alpha heroes hell bent on protecting their women who they waste no time in claiming. I’m very much looking forward to the rest of the series.
      • Series of interconnected stand alones.
      • No cheating/triangles
      • HEA


  • Dark Protectors series by Rebecca Zanetti
    • So far, I’ve read the first two books, Fated and Claimed, and I am loving these alpha vampires! The lore in this series includes good vampires versus bad vampires, so they are romantic suspense as well as paranormal romance. The main characters are also fated mates, so if that’s your bread and butter, you’ll love these books.
      • Series of interconnected stand alones.
      • No cheating/triangles
      • HEA


  • Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren
    • Second chance romance about two people who were each other’s first loves as teenagers reconnecting after ten years apart. This book is marketed as chick lit, and therefore I almost didn’t read it, because I’m a snob. LOL But, make no mistake, this book is a romance, and the first couple of chapters were an emotional gut punch. I. Was. Hooked. The chapters alternate between the developing relationship between the main characters as teens (flashbacks) and the present. Part coming-of-age/YA and part second chance contemporary romance. I had a good ugly cry, as this story was super emotional for me, and I found myself strongly relating to the heroine. I’m still thinking about it the next day. Also, the hero, Elliot is MAJOR book boyfriend material. Like, seriously, I want an Elliot for my very own.
      • Stand alone
      • SPOILER: There is an incident of cheating, which isn’t revealed until toward the end of the story, and in the hero’s defense, he didn’t realize he was cheating because he thought he was with the heroine. It’s a misunderstanding and NOT an intentional act on his part.
      • SPOILER: There’s also kind of a triangle in the beginning. The main characters reconnect after being apart for eleven years, and the heroine is in a relationship with someone else, however, it goes off the rails pretty quickly when she realizes she still loves the hero, and she breaks it off, so it’s an incredibly small part of the story.
      • HEA


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