New release! The Long Game (Syndicate, 3)

The Long Game_edited

The Long Game (Syndicate, 3) is here! This is Rafe and Lacey’s story. We originally met Rafe in Finders Keepers, and he also had a small part in Sleight of Hand. But in The Long Game, we really get to know him. And he’s not at all what he seems.

Enter Lacey. Lacey’s got secrets of her own and a few demons. Will she and Rafe beat the darkness back and help each other to overcome their own doubts? Guess you’ll have to read it and find out!


Official blurb:


Once upon a time, I was the knight in shining armor.
But now my armor is tarnished. Dented.
One botched mission was all it took for this hero to fall from grace.
And that was when I met him- dark, broody, magnetic.
He was broken too. The jagged edges of his pieces cut me, but I thrived on the pain.


I’m no good for anybody.
I know, just ask my family.
But I’m a selfish bastard, so when she walked into my club, I vowed to make her mine.
She was damaged like me. Scarred like me.
But she was also goodness and light.
And my darkness had a way of snuffing out good things.

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