BJ’s Bookshelf, Episode 3


BJ's Bookshelf

BJ’s Bookshelf, Episode 3 – Book Recommendations

  • Wild Like the Wind by Kristen Ashley
    • Book #5 in the Chaos series (#6 if you count the 1001 Dark Nights novella, Rough Ride.) The story of Hound and Keely. Hound has been in love with Keely for about twenty years, but she wasn’t available. Until now. Epic love story with lots of twists and turns and angsty goodness. I shed quite a few tears (as I usually do during a KA read, because damn it, she knows how to tug the heartstrings.
      • Stand alone in an interconnected series (Chaos MC)
      • No cheating/triangle
      • HEA


  • Battles of the Broken by Anne Malcom
    • I was lucky enough to read an ARC of this book, and it damn near wrecked me. It’s heavy. The hero and heroine both have some dark demons and tragic pasts, but they come together in a way that is explosive and healing. This is part of series, but can be read as a stand alone. Gage is super alpha protective/jealous (my favorite.) Lauren is soft and sweet but still has a backbone.
      • Stand alone in an interconnected series (Sons of Templar MC)
      • No cheating/triangle
      • HEA


  • Reputation by Dr. Rebecca Sharp
    • A second chance-forbidden love-fake relationship-rock star romance. Poetic writing, alpha hero, heart-on-her-sleeve heroine. Will definitely feel familiar to you Swifties! (I loved all the Easter eggs Sharp included!) But, even if you’re not a T Swift fan, the story absolutely stands on its own.
      • Stand alone
      • No cheating/triangle
      • HEA


  • Inciting a Riot by Karen Renee
    • Second chance MC romance. Six years ago, Vamp and Rainey were hot and heavy. Until Rainey caught Vamp in the midst of a threesome. Rainey’s one hard limit has always been cheating, so why does she keep attracting the cheaters? Can she forgive Vamp? (Spoiler: yes, she can.) I don’t read books with cheating because it’s a trigger for me. However, in this book, the cheating takes place off page, and Vamp does prove himself reformed and redeems himself.
      • Second book in the Riot MC series
      • Stand alone, but I recommend starting with the first book to get some background on part of the sub-plot
      • No cheating (once the hero and heroine reunite)/triangle
      • HEA

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