Promote what you love!

I need to vent, and though the topic I’m about to vent about is nothing new, it is something I’ve been seeing more frequently lately.

Promote what you love

First, we’ve all heard that saying, “Everybody’s a critic.” It’s true. And we’re all free to express those opinions, even the negative ones. Before I go any further, let me say that I love my readers, and this post does NOT reflect on them or anything I’ve seen from them. I think it’s safe to say that all authors love their readers. What I’m about to discuss is something I’ve seen in fan groups that I’m also a part of. So, that being said, why do some readers feel the need to bash certain books? Or bully the fans of said books?

I’ve got two examples:

  1. Author A has written 60-ish books and has a rabid fan base for the majority of those books. Author A then writes a book (or series) that is a little out of the norm for her in terms of theme/trope. (Gasp! God forbid an artist try something new!) Fan base reception might be split 50/50, but there is a small subset of those in the negative who make it a point to go out of their way to talk down that book (or series) to anyone who will listen. Why? Why can’t they just accept that that book/trope/theme/whatever isn’t their cup of tea and MOVE ON? Why do they feel the need to continue the cycle of negative talk, not only about the book but also about those fans who actually ENJOYED that particular book? That author has 57 other books that they LOVE. Go talk about them instead! Chalk up our difference of opinion as just that- a difference of opinion- because there is no way your hateful bitching is going to change my mind. Plus, they are not helping to promote the author that they claim to love, nor are they fostering love among that author’s fan base for the work that they claim to enjoy.
  2. Author B is well-known for writing in a very specific subgenre/trope. Random fan of that subgenre/trope joins a fan group for that specific subgenre/trope on Facebook. That reader then proceeds to announce to the group how much she HATED Author B’s books and how Author B is a terrible person for writing such a story that the reader felt should not be romanticized or promoted in any way. Reader vehemently disputes any opinion expressed to the contrary and probably not even realizing, or realizing but not caring, that Author B happens to be an admin in that Facebook group and can see every hateful thing being said about her and her work. OUCH.

Now, as writers, (or any other type of artist) any time we share our work, which is always an extension of ourselves in some way, we open ourselves up to criticism. That’s to be expected. And we writers LOVE feedback. We love constructive criticism. Operative word being constructive. If it does not serve to help us improve our craft in any way, it is not helpful or useful. What we don’t love is bashing, bullying, hateful, spiteful bullshit being spewed from those who don’t bother to take into consideration that authors are human beings. Human beings with feelings. Feelings that can be hurt. Now, you can call me a snowflake for saying that, if you want. I’m cool with that. But what does that make you to expend your energy tearing down others? I think it makes you an asshole. #sorrynotsorry

You don’t have to love every book you read. You don’t have to love every work of art you see. But when you push your negative energy out into the world, something has to absorb it, and way too often that something happens to be a real person who has just spent their time and energy pouring their heart, soul, and oftentimes, tears into a project that now carries a little piece of them.

So, here’s an idea: Instead of spending all that time and energy on the things you don’t like, how about you spend it on the things you do like? Author A still has 57 books you can help promote. Didn’t enjoy Author B’s work? Try Author C or Author D instead. If you already know you enjoy that subgenre, you’re obviously going to find other authors and books within that subgenre that resonate with you.

So, in summary, don’t be a dick.

Much love and positive vibes,



3 thoughts on “Promote what you love!

  1. authorkarenrenee says:

    I think I know who Author A is, and it slays me when people bash that series because many of those individuals openly admit to not being able to read the entire first half of the first book. I admit that I had difficulty reading the first quarter of Author A’s book, but I knew the issue I had was with the tone being overly rigid. Then it occurred to me that a rigid and *disciplined* tone is completely IN character for that type of woman. (A similarly rigid tone comes through in another three book series Author A does with a much older heroine, but each time I realized that was just those characters dictating the tone.) Sometimes the graphic subject matter of the current series would make me uncomfortable, but at the same time it was very eye opening and curiosity building for me. I did not have any issues with the tone of the second book in the series, and I’m anxious to read the final book in the series that released this week, which is what I believe you might be referring to. However, I won’t be reading it any time too soon, I have it on hold from my library, and I’m eighth in line. And you’re 100% right, readers or writers or any HUMAN needs to rave about what they love.

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    • psychicmediumbrandybentley says:

      You are correct in the identity of Author A and the series in question. 😉 And, yes, the other issue I have, that I didn’t get into, is that a fair amount of those people making those judgments haven’t even given the series a fair chance. Like you said, not even finishing book 1. But that’s probably another blog post! 😆

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